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Hole #1


Gold Course, Hole 1

160 yard par 3. Trees line both sides of this short par three. Additionally, the green is guarded by bunkers on both the front left and right. The deep green has large swale in the middle that runs from left to right.

Tips from the Pro
The tree and bunkers make hitting accurately of the tee critical. Fortunately the best place to be on the green is dead center. For best results, land your tee shot on the same side of the swale as the pin. Failure to do so will result in a long putt with a double break. The deceptive depth of the green makes tee shot club selection to end up with short putt challenging.

Hole #2


Gold Course, Hole 2

530 yard par 5. A long uphill par 5, number two is a slight left dogleg bordered by mature trees on the left and smaller trees on the right. The exceptionally long, narrow green is separated from the fairway by a small valley that is quite steep greenside. The green itself is angled relative to the fairway so that it runs from the front left to the back right of the hole and is sheltered by a bank on the left. Additionally, the green has two distinct lobes that in combination with the narrow nature of the putting surface can result in a putt with no direct line to the hole.

Tips from the Pro
Playing to the left side of the fairway will shorten up the hole considerably. This tee strategy will require you to cut the corner of the left dogleg, bringing the trees on the left into play. The landing area on the right side of the fairway is generous, but a tee shot played there lengthens the hole considerably. The second shot is very open, but sticking to the right side of the fairway will set up your third shot nicely. Your approach to the vast putting surface is critical. Failure to carry your third shot to the green and you will likely end up in the bottom of the valley short of the green. Being on the wrong lobe can result in a 200 foot putt with no direct line to the cup. Read your putt carefully as there a number of possible breaks in the hummocky green.

Hole #3


Gold Course, Hole 3

358 yard par 4. This short par 4 plunges dramatically into a deep valley. The trees on the right side of the fairway are densely packed the entire length of the hole. The left side is guarded by a small creek and more trees. The green, which is at the base of the valley, is separated from the fairway by the creek which also guards the left side of the fairway. The putting surface is relatively flat.

Tips from the Pro
Take a moment to admire the surrounding countryside from the elevated tee, then gird yourself for a challenging tee shot. For medium and long hitters, a driver can put you in the creek that runs in front of the green. Instead, pull out an iron and shoot for the middle by the 100 yard marker. Chose your club conservatively and take careful aim as the steep nature of the fairway requires clubbing down one or two clubs and magnifies the negative consequences of errant shots. A short second shot to this medium-sized green will give a good chance at birdie.

Hole #4


Gold Course, Hole 4

292 yard par 4. This short par 4 has you heading back up the hill you just came down. The elevated tee, situated on the opposite side of the valley from the rest of the hole, is separated from the narrow fairway by the same creek that comes into play on number 3. The fairway itself is carved out of the surrounding forest and ascends, steeply, out of the valley, narrowing near the approach to the green. The green, nestled into the shoulder of the hill, is surrounded by dramatic limestone block walls on three sides. The modest-sized putting surface is among the flattest on the golf course.

Tips from the Pro
The steep valley and mature trees prevent this from being an easy hole. While theoretically drivable for long hitters, keeping the ball in play is more important. Add a club or two to account for the uphill drive, and aim your tee shot for the opening of the approach to the green. Execute correctly and you’ll have a short chip to flat putting surface and great birdie opportunity. Aim poorly and you’re in the deep woods. Getting through holes three and four with the same ball is a job well done.

Hole #5


Gold Course, Hole 5

325 yard par 4. A short dogleg right bordered by dense forest and rough terrain on the right and dotted with large pine trees amid long grass on the left. A small valley separates the tee from the rest of the hole. The small, dome shaped green is tucked behind the stand of trees on the right.

Tips from the Pro
Big hitters employing a “power fade” shot can reach the green from the tee. A safer approach is to play your drive to the center-left portion of the fairway. Doing so will result in a short iron to the small, dome shaped green. Being long of the hole with your approach could leave you with an uphill pitch with little green to work with if the pin is set deep.

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